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Sea buckthorn oil.
6/26/16  |  Сatalog

How to choose right oil?

The healing properties of sea buckthorn oil come from its composition, which are really impressive. Here are the ingredients that are rich in this valuable product: Vitamins A, E, C, A, F, P, B1, B2 and B6. The main component of the healing oil is a carotene, a type of vitamin A; fatty acids (oleic, palmitoleic, stearic, palmitic); organic acids (malic, oxalic, salicylic, tartaric, succinic); macro- and microelements (calcium, magnesium, iron, silicon, molybdenum, manganese, etc.);

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6/22/16  |  Сatalog
Genesis of amaranth oil. Amaranth is known in many parts of our planet as the "discovery of the twentieth century." It got the second birth in the seventies of the last century. Its roots originate from the depths of millennia. Other sources say that its birth is dated already in 4-6 millennium BC. South America is considered the homeland of this amazing plant. Its history is very rich and dramatic. view more»
Siberian Pine nut oil is one of the unique products.
6/19/16  |  Сatalog
The Siberian Pine nut oil: benefits and harm, how to use. Siberian Pine nut oil is one of the unique products, granted to us by nature, which is distinguished by nutritive value and ecological cleanness. The most tasty and healthy pine nut oil is the one, obtained by cold pressing. The finished product is a clear, thick liquid with golden color with a pleasant and delicate smell; the very such oil contains a huge amount of valuable substances. view more»
Bulgarian rose
5/24/16  |  News
The notion “national flower” is very old; it originated earlier than national flags in majority of countries. At those times the national flower played a bigger role, being a symbol, a mark of distinction for a specific nation. There are few countries where the symbol of the country is a flower and Bulgaria is one of such countries. Its pride is rose. Bulgarian rose partly reflects the culture and narrates the history of Bulgaria, representing it to the world around.  view more»
Is the dairy the only available source of calcium – is it true or false?
5/11/16  |  Сatalog

Everyone knows what calcium is and how important it is. Only a few of us have escaped daily consumption of milk, each drop of which has given our Moms confidence that our teeth, bones, hair, nails, blood vessels and so on are becoming healthier and healthier. But the question is whether dairy is really that unique in its ability to supply calcium to our body? We suggest using instead the poppy seeds oil providing you not only with calcium but with so needed all of us unsaturated oleic and linoleic acids working as a cholesterol level guard.

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