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Natural Red And Black Coral Branch Necklace

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One of a kind exquisite handmade in Maui, Hawaii jewelry.

Hawaiian Red Coral Jewelry

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There are 70 pieces of black coral on this necklace, size: 8-52 mm, and 7 pieces of red coral, size: 6-15 mm. Necklace length: approximately 20 inches. Coral has been used in jewelry and for beautification for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians and Romans used it for jewelry, medicine and for spiritual reasons, but also for trading with eastern countries like India. Its use goes even further back in time than that, and jewelry with this beautiful gem has been found in graves from the Iron Age and jewelry that is as old as 25000 years can be seen in museums around the world. Beads were brought to America with the discovery of the New world, and used as trade beads with the natives. It has been and still are, treasured around the world for its beauty. You can find them in oceans around the globe, but the best species used for jewelry are found in particular places like the Pacific Ocean surrounding Hawaii. There are thousands of variations of the species, but only a few are used in the jewelry industry, like red-, pink-, black- and Hawaiian Gold Coral (orange coral). The most treasured and valuable species are RED, such as Corallium Rubrum or Corallium Nobile. Known by many names, like Angle skin-, Midway-, Noble-, Precious- and Sardinia coral, they grow on rocky sea bottoms with low sedimentation, and are found in caverns and crevices in darker environments in deep water. Their skeletons are made from Calcium Carbonate colored with shades of red by carotenoid pigments. They are shaped like leafless bushes and grow up to 1 meter in height. Corallium Rubrum belongs to the deep water species. They do not have a symbiosis with the symbiotic algae zooxhantella and are therefore not dependent on shallow waters to help the alga's photosynthesis. They grow at depths from 7 to 300 meters, and can live up to 100 years. Their color is rich and red, but can vary from pink to orange to red. In nature they are matte, but displays a glassy shine when sanded and polished, something that make them very sought after for the jewelry industry. The combination of red coral and Turquoise are beautiful, and a very popular combination in jewelry. The two colors complement each other perfectly, creating a warm and inviting feeling.The color and the carat (size) decides the price, as well as little or no impurities. The red species are very high priced. In fact they are almost as expensive as gold. Coral works on the layer of energy that lies close to the physical body. This layer is comprised of the vibrations or life essence, emitted by the body's cells. Coral helps one in their ability to cleanse, strengthen, repair and rebuild the structure that houses their life essence. The first BLACK species were discovered in Maui in the late 1950s, and there are 230 known species. Antipathies do not form reefs and are extremely rare to find. These species got their name from their distinct black skeleton, and not their colorful polyps. The polyps are visible on the outside of the skeleton looking like spikes. Black coral is the official state gem of Hawaii. Their Calicles are not made by Calcium carbonate like the red and pink species, but of a horny substance. Since they are so rare to find, they are very valuable and subject to considerable collecting pressure. Wear our authentic one of a kind exquisite handmade in Maui, Hawaii coral jewelry to feel the energy, the life.
Brand Hawaiian Red Coral Jewelry

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